my colombian heart (part 7)… church in the swamp

What I’m going to share with you is the fire burning in my soul. It’s what I think about, and what I pray about, and what I want to share with anyone who¬†will… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 6)… poverty

On Friday, I had the opportunity to tour a micro-enterprising organization in Cartagena called Actuar. They give five years of business training/education to individuals, as well as the opportunity to start a business… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 5)… hair.

One of the services we gave to the women of the community surrounding the church was a salon day, which included massages with cool towels, hair cuts/style, and manicures. It was such a… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 4)… lose the comfort-zone!

    This is Rosa. She is a gorgeous and extremely talkative little girl. She is one of thirty little faces I had in my Vacation Bible School (VBS) group at Exodo Church.… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 3)… beauty in the dirt

Have you ever found beauty in the dirt? I have. While sitting in the dirt streets of a mountain in Cartagena, I found a glimpse of Jesus’ heart. After festivities had died down… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 2)… the old city

    Many evenings, we took a short taxi ride into the Old City, in Cartagena. Inside the walls of this city, were narrow alleys full of vendors, restaurants, and lots of people.… Continue reading

my colombian heart (part 1)… hello cartagena!

As many of you know, I recently returned from a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. We were in country for eight days, and my heart is so full of things to share with you.… Continue reading


I have been disappointed lately. Disappointed in myself. Disappointed in others. Disappointed in life. Simply disappointed. It’s almost as my plans in life have failed, which feels like me failing. People around me… Continue reading


“When we think seriously about what it will cost others if we obey the call of Jesus, we tell God He doesn’t know what our obedience will mean. Keep to the point- He… Continue reading

Underneath the skin- Jenna Talackova and a priestly calling

“Talackova went from local beauty queen to a headline-grabbing transgender rights activist in the span of just a few weeks after the Ms. Universe Canada pageant informed her that she would be disqualified… Continue reading