Some may say that the fall of man (as in the gender, not mankind) has fully arrived. Children without father figures, teen boys aimlessly toying with girls hearts, boys never becoming real men… you get the picture, and the list goes on. Below is an article that is incredible. (Especially for CNN). Please take the time to read it, then finish the rest of my post.

After reading about the decline in masculinity and the degradation of the word man, please watch the following video. (Video credit to Todd L.

I can imagine that some would finish this video and criticize the message by saying it’s archaic, old fashioned or irrelevant. But, if we don’t acknowledge man’s true instinct and it’s importance, where will our world be? We criticize men when we say that they are out of touch, lazy, good for nothing, uneducated or apathetic leaders. We, as a culture, have caused the effects the article portrayed. God designed men to fulfill the truths laid out in the above video. What can we do to challenge the boys, young men and men in our lives?