infatuation with communication

Watch this:

What drives our need for constant connectedness and communication? The woman/robot in the commercial is frighteningly similar to characters in Roy Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The idea behind Bradbury’s work is that fireFIGHTERS become fireMEN who burn books to keep the city inhabitants from thinking and developing individual thoughts. Hm. Essentially, age old classics were reduced to short stories, then comics, then paragraphs, then short sentences. Starting to sound like a Twitter or Facebook post?

The result of the loss of these literary classics was becoming overly connected to media. Their society traded productive thinking for technology.

After viewing the newest Verizon commercial, and reading a bit about Fahrenheit 451, do you see the similarities? Obviously, I am in support of technology and communication and the latest and greatest… but, what I do want to say is to guard your hearts and minds against getting lost in technology. Be connected, but at the heart of your connectivity, remember relationships and what really matters in life.