While all may benefit from this post, I especially ask that young women read my thoughts.

All women struggle with some form of insecurity about how they look. “I’m not skinny enough, not curvy enough, my eyelashes aren’t long enough, my nose is too long, my lips aren’t big enough, my smile isn’t pretty enough…” The list goes on.

Now, shifting gears a bit, be reminded that God created beauty. He created all forms of beauty- sunrises, a baby being born, mountains… And human beauty. Ladies, he made you to reflect His beauty. He made you to be beautiful. You are beautiful.

The definition of beauty is under attack in our culture.

The concept of true beauty has been lost. We forget that we were designed to carry beauty and fall prey to advertising schemes and the latest trends.

Are you ready to throw aside the lies culture is feeding you? Will you embrace beauty?