Will you answer the call?

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend TheCall Detroit on 11.11.11. If you’re not familiar with TheCall, watch the below video and it will give you a quick overview of why we were in Detroit this weekend.

Just watching that promo video gives me chills. Last weekend the ground shook in Detroit. From 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday, over 20,000 people fasted, prayed and interceded on the behalf of every person in Detroit and our nation. During those 24 hours, interracial reconciliation took place, prophetic words were released over this generation and our nation, healing took place and history was made.

My challenge to you is this: ANSWER THE CALL.

God is screaming YOUR name. He has a purpose and plan for YOU. He has given you words to speak for THIS moment. Will you answer?

If you do answer this call, you will experience a wild, crazy, unimaginable journey. Listen to this song- It really embodies how, by answering God’s call, He will protect you, work through you and take you on a wild adventure.

Are you willing?