In our society, it seems as if everything stands in between us and God, the lover of our souls.


The word itself seems incomprehensible. Everything that stands in between us and God seems insurmountable. . .


But. What if I were to say that God will go through everything to get to you? That He would go under, over and most definitely through any barrier that could come in between Himself and His child [you].

I know that I allow things to come in between my heart and God’s. I allow temptations, lies, and seemingly huge, but surprisingly insignificant “busyness” to step in the way of my intimacy with my Savior.

I have allowed relationships, my pride, lies from the society, self image issues, intellect, and sheer laziness to come in the way of relentlessly pursuing Jesus Christ.

What brings me to tears is the image below:



Imagine Jesus Christ desiring your presence with such intensity; but alas, you choose temporary substitutes that leave you ravaged after their gone.

Think about it. God would go through everything and anything to get to your heart. Will you put aside everything to get to His?