my colombian heart (part 1)… hello cartagena!

As many of you know, I recently returned from a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. We were in country for eight days, and my heart is so full of things to share with you. Unfortunately (for you), I really like words, so there might be a few too many installments of this story.

Regardless of how long these posts are, or how many I end up publishing, I want you, my readers, to have a flame burn brightly in your heart. This flame represents God’s faithfulness, His love, and His power. These posts are not about me, they are about the One that has sent me to preach His truth.

I will not be posting a day by day outline of the trip, rather, I will be giving you little treasures from my heart. I want you to hear what really impacted me in hopes that those experiences will impact you.  The first one just so happens to be a snippet from our arrival in Cartagena.

First and foremost, I need to praise God for something that may seem insignificant, but was huge for me. I always have a few concerns about going through security at airports because I have to carry so many medical supplies with me (Type 1 Diabetes=needles, insulin, a pump, etc. Those things are not very appreciated by TSA officials). Anyways, we literally walked past the metal detectors in the Cartagena airport. WALKED PAST THEM. It was almost as if God had put a bubble around me and blew me right through the doors and into the streets of Cartagena.

As soon as we walked through the doors, we were greeted by cheers, balloons, and beautiful Colombian faces. The congregation of Exodo Church walked from their homes to welcome us to their country. It was an incredibly humbling experience.





Most people in Cartagena do not own cars. Taxi cabs are a little expensive. So, that leaves walking as the main form of transportation. The congregation was so excited to see us that they walked from their church to the airport. My eyes still fill with tears when I think of the joyful exclamations and tight hugs we received from our new family.

This was the first of several extravagant greetings we were to receive while on our trip. They all boiled down to one main truth. When a group of people has Jesus at the center of their motives, nothing is too difficult or too big to accomplish. The sacrifice the congregation made to come welcome us to their country is a beautiful representation of their love of Jesus…


Part two is coming soon!