my colombian heart (part 2)… the old city




Many evenings, we took a short taxi ride into the Old City, in Cartagena. Inside the walls of this city, were narrow alleys full of vendors, restaurants, and lots of people. The environment was so romantic and full of cultural experiences. I spent three evenings walking through the city with friends, and couldn’t help but fall in love. There were noises everywhere, music coming from every corner, and really good food.

One evening, two of my sweet friends and I decided to venture into the Old City on our own. It was quite the adventure as all of us would readily say “hablar un poco espanol” (which, in itself is still not correct grammar or word choice, but at least it communicated the message!).

We spent the evening walking the streets, snapping photos, and ended the evening by ordering meals off a Spanish menu and taking in the surroundings.






We also had dinner as a team one night. It was such a special time in such a special place. We ate delicious pizza…





Then, on top of awesome conversation and yummy food, we had a mariachi band! They played traditional Colombian music and were tons of fun. I even got to dance with my dear friend Ricardo!




I don’t have a deep lesson learned from my experiences in the Old City… I only have sweet memories that I will carry with me for a long time. It is a special place that I will visit again!