my colombian heart (part 3)… beauty in the dirt

Have you ever found beauty in the dirt? I have. While sitting in the dirt streets of a mountain in Cartagena, I found a glimpse of Jesus’ heart.

After festivities had died down from the Vacation Bible School we hosted in a rural town on a mountain near the city, I found myself sitting in the dirt, covered with beautiful Colombian kids. They had so many questions…

“When you talk in America, can they understand you? Because I can’t understand you.”
“How can you be 20 but not know how to talk?”
“Did you take a plane to get here?”
“I’m going to take you to the airport and come on the plane with you.”
“Can you understand what I’m saying?”

They laughed and laughed as I feebly attempted to communicate with them. They held onto my hands as I began to say goodbye. They begged for one more game of catch or one more kiss.

I think I kissed more little faces that afternoon than on the whole trip.

Their faces and laughter have been forever burned onto my heart.