In our society, it seems as if everything stands in between us and God, the lover of our souls. Everything. The word itself seems incomprehensible. Everything that stands in between us and God… Continue reading

Will you answer the call?

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend TheCall Detroit on 11.11.11. If you’re not familiar with TheCall, watch the below video and it will give you a quick overview of why… Continue reading


While all may benefit from this post, I especially ask that young women read my thoughts. All women struggle with some form of insecurity about how they look. “I’m not skinny enough, not… Continue reading

i surrender.

I have been failing.
 Failing at everything.
 I have failed my friends. 
I have failed myself.
 I have failed my family. 
I have and am failing my God. I have only come to… Continue reading


  I’m guilty. I haven’t been this kind of woman. Have you? When your feet hit the floor, are you automatically glorifying God, and therefore giving Satan the chills? Think about it.  


This image really made me think. We are so open-minded to so many things. What if everyone owned the message proclaimed on this picture? What if we were unashamed of life?    

infatuation with communication

Watch this: What drives our need for constant connectedness and communication? The woman/robot in the commercial is frighteningly similar to characters in Roy Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The idea behind Bradbury’s work is that… Continue reading


Some may say that the fall of man (as in the gender, not mankind) has fully arrived. Children without father figures, teen boys aimlessly toying with girls hearts, boys never becoming real men…… Continue reading

in the midst of adversity…

Some of you may know that Israel has been facing some major trials as of late. In the midst of the adversity, Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), is taking place. This video… Continue reading


“Saying what you don’t like all the time leads back to two roots: Pride or Insecurity. Neither one is of God.”* Hmm…. So thought provoking. You caught me red handed. I have really… Continue reading